In 1997 we relocated to Los Angeles. While there my focus was to double my efforts and break into the music industry in a big way. I formed a new group called The Swells and performed my own brand of original "Beat Music" in the showcase circuit. I also built a 24 track digital recording studio in my home in El Segundo, CA. I joined The National Academy of Songwriters, and attended their monthly song critiques. I had 3 or 4 of my songs looked at by publishers and was given favorable mention in the NAS monthly magazine.

The Swells began recording their album in June of 2001. We had the basic tracks completed by August 1st and I was beginning my vocals, mixing and post production efforts on the project. The Swells were developing their stage act throughout August into September. We were living right next to LAX.
On the morning of September 11 everything changed in the world. It was time to take a look at the situation and evaluate what we were doing. It didn't feel safe living right in the middle of such a mass of industry and humanity any longer. So we made a decision to up root and seek a better life elsewhere.

We went to live in Seattle for about 2 and a half years. We enjoyed living among the evergreens and meeting some wonderful friends. In 2003 I focused on the recording studio and playing music with some local musicians. We called our act The Big Buffet because it was as much about getting together for food as it was about the music. We had fun and played some parties. It was a full year of living musically. I finished 2 of the Swells songs begun in El Segundo:
-Chopped Liver     -Dream Date

3 more unfinished Teluride cuts which had required work were also completed:
-Ain't It True     -I'm Seeing Red     -Soul Mates

6 more cuts were started and completed fully in the new Seattle J-Zone Studio:
-Unobtainable Girl     -Wrong 2 B Right     -Red (Sexcommunication)
-You've Changed Your Mind     -Wendy     -Fractured Time
The result was my album 2, RED, on J-Zone Records. It was released 12/15/2003.
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