Upon completion of RED in late 2003 I launched my first ever serious "get on the radio" campaign. I found a radio promo company in LA and hired them to send "Ain't it True" out to radio. Actually they sent it to the hinterlands and back-waters of US radio only, oh, and the Virgin Islands. I had hoped their coverage would include bigger markets, or at least something in my area of Seattle. However, I did verify a couple of backwoods places had the song on the play list which felt kind of cool, yet these were in far off places like Mississippi and New Mexico. My philosophy on this is like "Lotto Logic": "you can't win if you don't buy a ticket." If the song had really taken off it could have made the leap to bigger markets. The places I got good air-play were:
5/12/2004 HOT AC
WVIQ St. Croix, V.I.
KSCQ Silver City, NM
KDAO Marshall Town, IA    
KJCK Junction City, KS

5/12/2004 CHR
WALV Cleveland, TN
WJKC Gallows Bay, V.I    
KBCQ Roswell, NM
KIXY San Angelo, TX
WIFX Jenkins, KY
KGLI Sioux City, IA
5/12/2004 CHR
KLBQ El Dorado, AR
WIQQ Greenville, MS
KFMI Eureka/Arcata, CA
KJCK Junction City, KS
WMGI Terre Haute, IN

So, the moral of the story is: I did it, I tried, and then when it was over I moved on and I have learned from the experience. I think for my next outing I will go back to my original, and ongoing, strategy of "gigging & selling CDs" at the shows, and on-line, with some type of promotion which I can self manage for a bit less money.
Next for me came the sudden decision to move home to the SF Bay area. It was crazy and yet it felt absolutely right. So, once more we boxed up our world and moved. It was March of 2004.
Since "Ain't It True" was trying to make it on the radio, I hastily gathered back my Screaming Towardz Earth band so that I wouldn't be caught without a live act to back me up should the incredible happen. I enlisted all but Kevin Madsen my drummer, friend, and main harmony guy. He had moved to the Sacramento area. He had to be replaced by 2 players. Wayne Debella on Drums and my ol' Likes partner, Warren (T. Valid) on harmony vocals. STE 2 did club gigs in '05 and '06.

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