In 1995 I met my wife and together we conceived of a plan and a schedule
for actually releasing my first album. While working a day job, playing weekly
gigs with STE, and building a special personal relationship throughout 1996,
I also recorded and mixed the additional tracks which would complete the
eleven song DARK BLUE album.

These tracks...

- Evil Twin
- Playing Your Game
- Dark Blue
- Goodbyeography (II)
- Monarchs
- What's Done Is Done

...were recorded and mixed in my own J-Zone Recording Studio.

- People In Love
- Nothing Stops Right Here

...were basic tracks from the 1987 and 1988 Likes and Marked Men
recording sessions which I then remixed at Robert Barry's Soundtek Studios
in Campbell, CA. The other three as mentioned before were from
the Teluride Sessions of 1989:

- Like You Do
- Blue On Blue
- The Price

At last my first album, DARK BLUE, was completed
and released on December 3 1996.
Give it a listen: Dark Blue